This blog is in search for (engineering) visions, for ideas and concepts for a sustainable future. At the core of its philosophy is the believe that technology and engineering can be great tools to improve our lives but that, as with every tool, it can be used for construction or for destrion. And that it has to be used with care to benefit all the people involved.

The word “Highlowtech” comes from the idea of rather lowtech executed technologies that were developed with hightech. Like the beach beasts[1] made by dutch artist Theo Jansen that consist of a lowtech mechanical construction that was developed with hightech genetic algorithms[2]. Such development shows the use of hightech as precision tool to assisst development as opposed to an approach where hightech is treated as a solution to everything.

Highlowtech is an engineering philosophy that assumes that the majority of technology we need to solve problems already exists. The main challenge is how to integrate those solutions in a sustainable way.

The goal of integrating technology is to empower communities and people and businesses that use it. The technology although maybe designed with the help of complex mathematical and computational methods must therefor ideally be able to be operated and reproduced without higher technical education.

Subsequently: The theoretically design process must constantly be challenged by practical applyance and complex technology must be demistifyied and made accessable.


Highlowtech is personal design philosophy regarding engineering and technology. It is not affiliated with other projects with the same or similar names (for better or worse).

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