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October 2016

Biomass effect


“Your course application is rejected.”

I stare at the letters. Damn. I had to chose one of two immersion courses. And one is already packed beyond capacity as I find out the next day. That leaves Biomass as only option. Plenty of room in that one. Only 10 sign ups so far. But I’m not planning on being number eleven. Because while Biomass is definitely renewable it is not sustainable nor responsible in my opinion. One reason why I didn’t go to Munich for example. The Master Renewable Energy there was highly focussed on Biomass and consisted for 60% of farming lectures.

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Late Nights – Reboot the second


Another late night. And what a night at that.

It is close to midnight in Vienna as I walk on a wet, slightly uphill pavement, three piece pinstripe-suited, buttons open, hands in my pockets, strands of hair that escaped the hair tie one by one over the course of the night playing in the soft breeze of the night. I am just a cigarette away from being the embodiment of a French tobacco brand commercial.

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