[Room 11 – Somedays]

I find the can opener at the bottom of the box. It looks like it hasn’t been used in a year. The mixer had been borowed by a neighbour. But now its back. Eggs, flower, cans of coconut milk, brown sugar, cinnamon. I’m missing pudding powder. But it will be alright. The pan looks like it is not usable anymore. Will have to try anyway.

I haven’t been able to really ground myself since I got back to Austria. My mind is chasing white rabbits and my body acts like a sliced tire. Basically just watching one movie after another. I have no problem to function here but it seems I stay somewhat observant. Where to go from here? My mind is full of design ideas for engineering projects and concepts for highlowtech.wordpress.com. Just before I returned I realized that the goal to develop the definition of highlowtech [1] has gotten lost along the way. This blog was originally intented to be “technically, nerdy and boring”[2]. But it turned into a somewhat philosophical travel blog, a journey journal if you will. This was mainly due to the experience that most problems are not of technical nature but human nature. Politics, hidden agendas, twisted ambitions, egoism, greed and ignorance. To name the most prominent ones.

So over the coming days I will write a couple more articles in the new category “epilogues” to hunt down some of those rabbits. At the same time I would like to transform the blog into a collective of people from different technical and cultural backgrounds in order to provide exposure to different ideas, concepts and opinions – preferably with a technical and nerdy focus. This work is in its early stages. Feel free to join in. Rephrase: Please join in.

Apart from that there are so many other plans. But so far I have been so exhausted. Barely leaving my room. Finally I forced myself to get groceries. Some of them I am mixing together to make coconut pancakes. The recipe came to be when I was trying to make high protein food to support my training. Ideal for regaining energy. The dough spreads in the pan. The air smells of cinnamon. I feel a warm smile slowly spreading over my face. I take the pan off the burner. A moment later the pancake flies through the air, turns in mid air, the not yet fried side suddenly facing down before landing back in the pan. I still got the moves.
The familiar, well known taste excites my tongue.
Home is where the pancake is.

[1] https://highlowtech.wordpress.com/about/

[2] Nina