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August 2015

Chapter 22 – Coconut Pancakes

[Room 11 – Somedays]

I find the can opener at the bottom of the box. It looks like it hasn’t been used in a year. The mixer had been borowed by a neighbour. But now its back. Eggs, flower, cans of coconut milk, brown sugar, cinnamon. I’m missing pudding powder. But it will be alright. The pan looks like it is not usable anymore. Will have to try anyway.

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Chapter 21 – Lost Son

When my head finally hits the pillow it is like a switch is flipped. My body shuts off and even my bones seem to relax. This is it.
Its not just that my eyes are dry and irritated from the flight.
Its not just that my stomach is upset from airline food.
Its not just the dizzyness from the 30 hour sleep depravation.
Its not just that aching muscle in my lower right back.
Not just.
Its all that I’ve seen.
Its every delhi belly I had and bad chicken burger I ate.
Its every sleepless night, every long day over the past 12 month.
Its every little and big pain, every cut, every blister, every pinch of the skin.
Its not just that I get to rest.
Its that I’m home.

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