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July 2015

Chapter 20 – DalaDala ride

[Lana del Ray – Off to the races]

So much energy. Today I had so much energy. I guess I know who to thank for that. But it is an exception. Between working on an excel program that automatically designs solar systems based on the users electrical loads, horseback riding among zebras and occasional meeting interesting people my mind and body shuts down. Left alone I wouldn’t do much. My dreams are troubled, occupied with shootings, fighting people and dalladalla[1] rides into nowhere. The experiences and stories of corruption, despotism, poverty, learning curve frustration, positive rascism seem to manifest themselves there and reduce the regenerative effect of a good nights rest.

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Chapter 19 – Fundi Umeme Solar

[Paolo Nutini – Looking for Something]

There is nothing so fullfilling as the feeling of a hot shower well earned. The dusty closes fall off, stay behind in the other room. A long look in the mirror, studying your dirty sunburned face. The hair still ruffeled from the cap. The fresh towel eager anticipating to wrap itself around your clean warm body. But not yet.

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