Woodkid – Conquest of spaces


It is new years eve 2014 close to midnight, I am only wearing my underpants, my hair is full of mud and I gaze at the stars while floating on my back in red earth colored water. The water is blocking my ears and noises – if any – only reach me muffled.


I take deep slow breaths. I have been visiting great projects and initiatives here in Auroville [1-12]. But I also made discoveries about the inner workings that leave me less optimistic. In a view days the documentary “Cowspiracy” [13] will undermine my whole view of sustainability and the role of NGO’s in it. And that is just a precursor for the NGO history 101 I’ll get a couple of days after that. But here in my little time bubble in the mud pool of sadhana forest I am safe and blissfull.


It is extraordinary how many awesome projects are out there growing organic food, developing alternative building materials and techniques, reforesting the desert, solarlectrifying rural villages, making cooking cleaner et cetera et cetera. Many struggle. To understand their struggle I’ve become really good in mapping out their resources. But in the end the problems boil down to a rather simple sounding issue: Short cuts. Or more accurate: People looking for short cuts, wanting to work less, wanting to make a quick bug. It happens on all levels. From what I’ve seen so far there are no short cuts if you want it to last. Whatever that is.




I wash the mud out of my hair and wade back to dryer grounds. I brought no towel so I just sit with the others at the campfire till I can put the rest of my cloth back on.And then it is sddenly 2015. A big hug from 30 or 40 people, life guitar music with drums and violin, one lost rocket in the distant, thats it. Later I collect some friends from another party and we head for the beach. We are quite early so everybody sleeps, I persue my own form of meditation, going through the highlights of my year. Moved to Austria, finished my studies with destinction, broke my wrist, went to India, got stuck in the kashmere floodings, started working for an NGO.


A fishermen approaches me. When he finds out that I am german he insists of explaining to me why he likes Hitler. Under different circmstances I would be very curious how someone would glorify propaganda driven war and industrialized genocide but the sun is about to rise and I am really not in the mode, so back off.

And then the sun rises on 2015. It will be an interesting year that is for sure.IMG_20150113_153442


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[1] Sadhana Forest

[2] Bamboo Research Center

[3] Earth Institute

[4] iWasteless

[5] Sunlit Future

[6] Buddah Garden

[7] Botanical Garden

[8] Solitude

[9] Praktilab

[10] Solar Kitchen

[11] Solar Workshop

[12] Matri Mandir

[13] Cowspiracy – Documentary